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The Gift of Wellness

    I'm so excited to announce the release of HTA's new wellness gifts! One bag has everything you need to start elevating your lifestyle and experience complete wellness! Whether you feel the need to better your own health or the health of your friends and family members, this is the perfect gift for the holidays and the New Year!     Higher Than Altitude is on a mission to revolutionize the preventative health care community. The journey will be long and require a lot of partnerships, but once the vision comes to fruition, holistic wellness services of all kinds will be available to every community in the U.S.! These gifts were created to spread healthy education, resources, and support to as many people as possible. For this reason, they are not sold for the $100+ value that they're worth, but rather given in return for a $40 donation (just to cover the cost of materials).     Each bag is beautifully packaged and decorated with Colorado colors, containing all of the foll

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